Binding Objects to ASP.NET controls

May 8, 2004 | Uncategorized | 2 Comments

In web forms, I often bind objects that represent database tables to various ASP.NET control and then when the data is saved, I extract all the user-inputed data from the controls and send that data to the object.  Using reflection I’ve been able to automate the process quite a bit. The FormBinding object iterates through all the properties of an object, looks for ASP.NET controls with where the ID is equal to the property name (such as Document.Title and <asp:TextBox ID=”title” />) and then attempts to insert the into the control.value.

The code can be used like this:

void Page_Load() {
if (!IsPostBack) {
    // Get an object from the datastore
    Document document = Document.GetDocument(1);
    // set the properties of the object to controls with the same ID

void SaveButton(Object sender, EventArgs e) {
   Document document = Document.GetDocument(1);
   // change the values of the properties of the object to values of controls on the page


The FormBinding methods work with ListControls and controls with the following Properties (Value, Text, SelectedDate, and Checked) which covers a wide variety of controls including FreeTextBox.

Here’s the code.

2 responses to “Binding Objects to ASP.NET controls”

  1. Unresolvable says:

    WOW… new stuff that I didn’t know about… Well, guess who’s going to be coding alot less now 🙂

  2. pho3nix says:

    Please re-upload the code. Page not exist any more.

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