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April 15, 2008 | Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Since Microsoft and Apple finally decided to allow/license versions of Flash Lite 3.0 for their mobile devices (Windows Mobile and iPhone), I created an initial build of a mobile site for Dallas Seminary which will eventually use Flash Lite 3.0 for all the audio and video content.

The goal was to make it look like an iPhone application using the list format, but have it work properly on other mobile devices by not specifically targeting the iPhone’s screen size such as Windows Mobile and Blackberry. It’s a bit more cramped on the smaller WM screen, but it works well.

Here are a few screen shots:

iPhone Windows Mobile
image dts_wm_home
image dts_wm_media


There is one gotcha on the iPhone that doesn’t show up using Safari. The iPhone may try to startup zoomed out like it would need for a normal website. If your <div> tags are set to expand, the iPhone will stretch everything out and then zoom out.


To fix this add the following:

<meta name="viewport" content="user-scalable=no,width=320,scale=1.0" />

6 responses to “Dallas Seminary Mobile Site”

  1. Awesome! What’s next for the DTS crew? Sweet work John.

  2. John Dyer says:

    @Spencer, thanks for the compliments. We’re working on a refresh of the main DTS website as well as a new version of the online education platform. Hopefully, I can release it open source for others to use…

  3. Rick Smith says:

    This is awesome!
    As a HUGE iphone fan I would love to be able to check my DTS student page on my iphone in an easy way. I would also really enjoy being able to watch/listen to the chapels using my iphone (instead of having to go through itunes). I think this is great – way to stay on the cutting edge!

    When you open it up let me know I’d enjoy toying around with it!


  4. Rick Smith says:

    WOW! I spoke to soon – I was just playing around with it, and you can watch/listen to DTS chapels – this is AMAZING bro. Looks/works great!

    Now I can’t wait until 3g iphone comes out, hopefully this summer…(This will be awesome on 3g, not to mention my slingbox!)

    VERY, VERY nice job – I’ll be saving this on my phone’s home screen!

  5. Rick Smith says:

    Hey man I just want to add something else here – after playing around with the mobile function on my iphone this weekend – it is great! I REALLY enjoy how you can search the speakers so easy from the chapel services, and listen to some of the back ones you want to hear – it saves me from taking up space on my iphone! It’s great man – really great!

  6. Courtney Treadaway says:

    Dude… just came across this… apparently I’m several months late, but this is still pure greatness.

    Don’t suppose y’all are working on any way to get the online classes available via iPhone? I’m aware of the whole Flash issue with Apple, so I imagine you’d be limited to audio regardless, but I thought I’d ask.

    Hope you and Amber are well.

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