Flash 8 + Video + ASP.NET + XML = Great Online Education

October 11, 2005 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

We’ve finally been able to put up some demos of our new online
education video player interface. Our first version used Windows Media,
but for the 2.x line, we decided to go with Flash video because we had
more control over the interaction and it works in more environments
(outside of Win/IE). Here’s a screenshot (click for full size):

DTS Online Education Player

Some the player features are:

  • Access to all videos from all courses through one interface (classes are divided up into “Units” which have videos)
  • Smooth scrolling transcripts
  • Slides auto-exported from Powerpoint
  • Multilingual (traditional Chinese will be online this spring)
  • Printable transcripts and slides

We have three sample clips up:

Our streaming provider is still NineSystems.com. They continue to have awesome service and great pricing.

One response to “Flash 8 + Video + ASP.NET + XML = Great Online Education”

  1. assignment says:

    If students don’t take the time to understand how the courses are designed, they could end up in a class that is too technologically advanced and suffer academically.

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