FreeTextBox 2.0.5 released

June 3, 2004 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments

  • added: table functions (curtesy of HtmlArea!!)

    • Insert Table
    • Insert Table Row Before
    • Insert Table Row After
    • Delete Table Row
    • Insert Table Column Before
    • Insert Table ColumnAfter
    • Delete Table Column

  • added: depreciated properties to ensure compatibility with FTB 1.x (for DNN)

    • ImageGalleryPath
    • HelperFilesPath
    • HelperFilesParameters
    • ButtonPath
    • StyleMenuList
    • StyleMenuNames

  • added: SslUrl (defaults to about:blank)
  • added: ScriptUtility now generates the ToolbarButton scripts
  • updated: Localized Paragraph menu
  • updated: default language setting from en-en to en-US (this was to ensure compatilibity with ASP.NET Forums)
  • added: languages

    • Russian (thanks Sergey!)
    • Taiwan (thanks Andy Jaw!)

  • added: TextDirection support to dropdownlists
  • fixed: encoding issues in several of the language files (UTF-8/7/ANSI issues)
  • fixed: fixed a bug with HTML codes (

4 responses to “FreeTextBox 2.0.5 released”

  1. Unresolvable says: is down.

  2. Unresolvable says:

    Thanks! I think the ASP.NET Forums team almost has all the bugs worked out…


  3. Unresolvable says:

    I have downloaded and installed 2.05. I am unable to do anything that will cause the insert table items to appear on the toolbar. Ther is no new docs to explain.

    Can someone help with this please. What is the command to place in a string to load the table stuff?

    The "forum" produces a sql error when I tried to post this there. Also, the forum and this site both seem to be at a crawl.

  4. Unresolvable says:

    Sorry about the forums errors, the forums guys are working on it.

    You can use the table stuff either by using ToolbarLayout="inserttable,inserttablerowbefore" or procedurally.

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