FreeTextBox 2.0.7 released

July 7, 2004 | Uncategorized | Comments Off on FreeTextBox 2.0.7 released

This is a minor release before working on a full 2.1 release with some major changes/features (more on this later)

Change Log:

  • Added Languages: Romanian (Marius Dima), Czech (Dave Srnec), Catalan (??)
  • Added: AllowHtmlMode (depreciated FTB 1.x property for DNN)
  • Added: StylesMenu is now filled with styles from DesignModeCss by default. Set AutoParseStyles=false to disable this.
  • Bug Fix: NetSpell and IeSpellCheck buttons fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Added Initialize variable to prevent JavaScript errors in IE. Due to an onmouseout event on the surrounding table (which is a bug fix for ASP.NET 1.x’s __doPostBack function not firing the form.onsubmit function) for IE 5.0’s lack of iframe.onblur, content was being overwritten before FTB initialized. This is now fixed. For faster loads you can also set DisableIEBackButton=true
  • Bug Fix: Mono does not correctly support HttpBrowserCapabilities.MSDomVersion, so alternate browser detection is being used. Now we are Mono 1.0 compliant!
  • Changed: Formatter.HtmlCodesToHtmlSymbols to convert all chars over ASCII 128. Previously only a select group were being transformed. This helps non-US compiles of source code and overall compatibility.
  • Changed: SupportFolder was defaulting to ~/aspnet_client/FreeTextBox which is really incorrect. It should have been /aspnet_client/ so that each virtual directory application does not have to have its own copy of FreeTextBox scripts and images. This may be a breaking change for some, but hopefully the next version of FreeTextBox (2.1) will solve this once and for all (see next post).

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