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July 7, 2004 | Uncategorized | 11 Comments

I have two major plans for a 2.1 release

  1. Integrate one or more of the community supported image galleries into FreeTextBox (lennybacon‘s and/or Khaos‘s)

  2. Use Alex Thissen‘s (and Ken Muse‘s) WebResourceHandler (mimicing ASP.NET 2.0) to store all FreeTextBox scripts and images in the binary FreeTextBox.dll. This way there is no problems finding .js or .gif files and no files need to be in /aspnet_client/. All you will need is FreeTextBox.dll!

Other than that, I’d like to clean up some of the JavaScript handling of button states. To my knowledge no one else is attempting to mimic Office2003 because of the background colors, so I haven’t seen any solutions to the flickering problems.

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  1. Unresolvable says:

    Sounds good to me, especially the image gallery. BTW, please remind Scott Watermasysk to include the latest version of your control in his next .Text release (0.96).

  2. Unresolvable says:

    Dont’ worry, Scott’s already got it in there.

  3. Unresolvable says:

    When are you planning to release it?

  4. Unresolvable says:

    I’d like to complete this in the next 2-3 weeks. Right now I’m under the gun at work and school, but I too need these features so hopefully I can complete teh changes sooner.

  5. Unresolvable says:

    Are you aware that in you can pass a modal=true argument which allows modal windows under mozilla?‘window.aspx’, ‘new window’, ‘width=400,height=300,modal=yes’);

    Could you please implement this in version 2.1 where regular pop ups are usually used?

  6. Unresolvable says:

    Have you thought about integrating right mouse click to show a context sensitive popup menu (for example inserting a row/column in a table).

    (see 2.0 beta 1)



  7. Unresolvable says:

    We’ve been trying to use Free text box, but now we really can’t because of a problem with URL’s. If you need your users to insert url’s that begin with "/" you cannot, because it always inserts the server name.. even if you set RemoveServerNamefFromUrl’s to true. How about a, leaveMyDamnUrlsAlone property 🙂

  8. Unresolvable says:

    The flickering is caused by switching the pointer on the mouseover event and the un-preloaded images. I had some of your source from 1.6 and modified it to eliminate the flickering. Instead of using the mouseover event, set the style the cursor you want to use (e.g. "cursor: pointer;" or ".style.cursor=’pointer’;") Preload the images and there won’t be any delay between the mouseover and mouseout. Noone seems to preload images anymore. 🙁

  9. Unresolvable says:

    Thanks Brad! I’m actually completely rewritting the entire JavaScript API taking advantage of the semi-OOP features of JS. The main problem I’m still having with IE is the use of background-image on rollovers. Even with pre-loading IE/CSS doesn’t seem to "get it."

  10. Unresolvable says:

    Oh yeah…it can’t preload the images for CSS. ::smacks himself:: I don’t remember much about the code I looked at awhile back — for some reason I thought you were using something different. Here’s a link that might be useful (at least for eliminating any leftover flicker): (I found it on

    I’ve also seen some (that were very fast and didn’t flicker) that used IE’s style.pixelTop and style.pixelLeft properties on an img tag. The img tag was surrounded by some spans that clipped the region to the correct size. Basically, they had every state of every button in the same image and would scroll through it by repositioning it inside of the clipped region. Maybe this is possible with the background-image? Just an idea that might help (or also might be a complete waste of time). Good luck!

  11. programlama says:

    css Cursor examples , Properties , Attribute – –

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