FreeTextBox 3.0.5 release

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FreeTextBox 3.0.5 (2005/05/17)

  • BUG: Nasty IE only bug regarding ‘id’ in ToolbarButtons
  • FEATURE: Marked render methods as ‘virtual’ for Community Server

FreeTextBox 3.0.4 (2005/05/10)

  • BUG: StartMode=HtmlMode problems have been resolved
  • BUG: Gecko loading fixes
  • BUG: Detection for Palm-based browsers (renders downlevel)
  • BUG: Undo/Redo re-enabled
  • BUG: SymbolsMenuList and ParagraphMenuList conflict in Helper.cs
  • BUG: Buttons no longer function in ReadOnly mode
  • FEATURE: Added Add Obsolete attribute to Obsolete properties
  • FEATURE: Add DesignModeBodyCssClass property
  • FEATURE: ImageGallery now has more overridable properties and methods
  • FEATURE: FreeTextBox “RenderXXX” methods are now overridable
  • FEATURE: Updated RTL coding

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