FreeTextBox 3.1.2 Released

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FreeTextBox 3.1.2 (2006/01/11)

  • BUG: Designer problems now resolved and showing “appropriate” content in 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0
  • BUG: Remove Server name from URLs now supports SSL and ports
  • BUG: Pressing “enter” in color picker now functions as expected
  • BUG: Image Gallery now now using ASP.NET 2.0 Resource handler
  • CHANGE: FreeTextBox is now marked CLS compliant
  • CHANGE: Reference to FtbWebResource.axd is no longer prefixed by ResolveUrl(“~/”). Please set AssemblyResourceHandlerPath for all FtbWebResource.axd related issues or SupportFolder.
  • CHANGE: Moved some resource code to ClientScriptWrapper class so that .NET 1.x and .NET 2.x code could be separated
  • CHANGE: Image Gallery refresh problem: now manually invalidates cache of images.
  • ADDITION: Moved Changed events to RaisePostDataChangedEvent.
  • ADDITION: Source code now includes instructions on snk (strong names).


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