FreeTextBox 3.1.4 released

May 10, 2006 | Uncategorized | Comments Off on FreeTextBox 3.1.4 released

Change log

  • FEATURE: link and image URLs (<a href>, <img src>) are now preserved even when IE tries to change them. By default IE changes all links to absolute paths. FreeTextBox now overrides this.
  • BUG: there is now more code to ensure that content is not lost on postback
  • BUG: Firefox 1.5.x timeout fixed.
  • BUG: EnableHtmlMode=false (removes HTML/Design tabs) JavaScript error on postback

The major showstopper was the Firefox problems that sometimes occur when FreeTextBox is the first think to receive focus. The new feature to override IE’s path handling should help out a lot in situations where relative paths are not ideal.

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