FTB 3.0 release candidate

November 13, 2004 | Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Last night I put up a FreeTextBox 3.0 preview release. Here’s the explanation from the front page:

FreeTextBox 3.0 is a free ASP.NET server control written in C# for use in ASP.NET applications.  You can use FreeTextBox in any product with no obligation for payment. FreeTextBox version 3.0 has  many new free features (such as an integrated image gallery) as well as some features  (such as form, table and style editing) that can be unlocked via a license file. A “Pro” license may be purchased by a development team and used in all their projects, but may not be re-distributed in secondary applications. An application distribution license may be purchased to distribute  the “Pro” version of FreeTextBox. The source code to FreeTextBox 3.0 will also be for sale and there will be an upgrade path for those who purchased the 2.0 source code.  Full details will be posted when FreeTextBox 3.0 is officially released.

7 responses to “FTB 3.0 release candidate”

  1. Unresolvable says:

    w00t!!! omfg *downloads* John… you are, by far, the best 😉

  2. Unresolvable says:

    RC3 is looking great. Any word on when you’ll have the source ready?

    I’d really like to licence it. $$$

  3. Unresolvable says:

    Well done on the improvements, they certainly look worthwhile. I only just started this journey into FTB and last night I managed to get version 2 working well on my system, then visited the website to see version 3RC, argh.

    I wanted to learn more about ‘tables’ and how you was handling them, I cannot seem to find my way around with all this Version3 getting in the way, however the version 3 had what I needed. So I downloaded it and installed it over the top of my version 2. Then I learn more about license files and Pro, but see Donation boxes. I guess you have a lot of work to do John, prevously I thought the deal was no protection on version 2 but Donate to receive the Source Code, seems like the deal is going to be Buy license versions soon to unlock the features of FTB or (LTB (license)).

    Am I right? is there a period now where the Release Candidate is the focus or did version 2 have tables (cannot seem to find out, website seems geared towards v3RC)

    I am prepared to pay for this in a project basis, not a comerical venture.

    Could you clarify IF you are receiving moving and giving out Pro License at this date?

    Or am i talking nuts



  4. Unresolvable says:

    last bit should say:-

    Could you clarify IF you are trading with FTB3RC and giving Pro licenses out? as some of us would like to purchase and work along with the beta program.

    I would have contacted directly, but the contact button is broken

  5. Unresolvable says:


    Sorry if the front page of http://www.freetextbox.com/ wasn’t clear enough. Here’s another try:

    FreeTextBox 3.0 will still be free, but there is a Pro license that unlocks some additional features. Pro features can be tested on a local machine, but will not work in production without a license.

    FreeTextBox 3.0 is currently in Release Candidate/Beta stage, so the licenses are not yet offered.

    The FreeTextBox 3.0 source will also be for sale once the product is released. Both "Pro" licenses and source code purchases will receive one-year of support through the forums.

  6. Unresolvable says:

    What are the additional features in the pro version?

  7. Unresolvable says:

    Hi – Looks like this is the control I need.

    Do you have version 3.0 compiled for vs.net 2002 or can you point me to the 2.0 version compiled for 2002


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