Google Analytics "Hack" to Add More Sites

November 29, 2005 | Uncategorized | Comments Off on Google Analytics "Hack" to Add More Sites

Google released Google Analytics (a website metrics tool based on Urchin) only to remove the ability to add new
sites when it recieved too much data (cnet article).
There used to be an 'Add Website
Profile' link on the main admin page, but it is now removed.
Humorously, the link to add a new site has only been commented out. If
View Source (Ctrl+U for Firefox users) and search (Ctrl+F) for "Add
Website Profile" you can find a link that looks like
"admin?vid=1151&scid=XXXXX" (XXXXX is your google analytics ID and
1151 is the code for adding a site).
Just paste that into your address bar so that it looks like:

I'm not yet sure if your data will show up immediately… but at least you can add the site and start collecting data.

Happy googling!

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