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A few weeks ago I went a little crazy
with the new Google Maps API. I also hooked it up to some pictures in
Community Server to see what would happen. I wanted to clean it up
before blogging it, but I don't have time right now to make it very
pretty, so here it is:

Google Maps and CommunityServer

Using photos with Google maps is nothing new (flickr, etc.). But
since the satellite imagery of Google Maps is so good, I thought it
would be cool to show the direction in which each photo was taken with
little arrow. I added some meta data to my Community Server pictures in
Europe (latitude [float], longitude [float], angle [int]) and hooked
them up to the Google Maps API. Fun stuff. It'd be nice to add a map
control to the ShowPicture.aspx page of CS, but Google Maps requires a
unique key for each website directory, which means you would need a key
for each gallery. Maybe later…

Also, I just found about about Google Moon – funny stuff

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