Greek and Hebrew Unicode Keyboards in HTML

August 29, 2007 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

For classes I've needed a simple way to enter in Greek and Hebrew text. There are some nice programs out there that install new keyboards on your system and allow you to type from the QWERTY keyboard. But this requires you to learn a whole new key mapping system which isn't worth it if you just need a few words. I usually just revered to MS Word's Insert Symbol.

So I've created some little tools in HTML to help in typing out a few quick words.

Hebrew Keyboard

Designed to be used with Ezra SIL font. Has all the consonants, vowels, and accents of which I know.


Greek Keyboard

This one is designed for use with Gentium font. It has functions for capital letters as well as all diacritical versions of all consonants. When you like on an alpha, a secondary keyboard will show up to allow you to select from various diacritical combinations.


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