Lightbox usage for calendar

April 25, 2006 | Uncategorized | Comments Off on Lightbox usage for calendar

I just made my first implimentation of Lightbox ("Gone Wild" edition). Lightbox (original, gone wild) is a small JavaScript tool for making accessible modal windows. I've implimented a slighlty tweaked version it in a calendar page (see pics below) and on a page that shows faculty member's publications (example). I've also used some IE hacks to get IE6 to properly use alpha PNGs for a nicer overlay. Rather than use the full-fledged ASP.NET calendar component, I wrote a custom ASP.NET control that renders a CSS-only table. I would have liked to make the calendar URL-hackable (have the ability to move through months via URLs like /calendar/2006/09/) but for now I'm using postbacks.

Before clicking the link

Before pressing the link
After clicking a lightbox link

After clicking on a calendar entry

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