Planned changes for FreeTextBox 2.0.5

May 2, 2004 | Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Stuff I will for sure impliment:

  • SslUrl (defaults to about:blank) (done)

Stuff I need to look at:

  • Builtin ToolbarItem titles only come from localization files. If you change the title property it is overridden by the chosen language. This is a problem
  • The default items in built in dropdownlists are also a problem.  These are added in the constructors, but I should change this to happen sometime after the Init event.
  • Script versions: I’d like to embed the MainScript into FreeTextBox.dll so that it can be emitted if the script version doesn’t match the dll version.
  • I might change HTML mode to use a TEXTAREA instead of the same IFRAME.
  • Work in depreciated properties for DNN 2.0 (Shaun emailed today about this)

2 responses to “Planned changes for FreeTextBox 2.0.5”

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